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Connected Car Experiences for the new consumer

Disruptive innovation in Latam for the world

We use the power of IOT and smartphone-based data to deliver valuable connected services that enable new experiences to our customers as well as consumers and actionable data for businesses.

Customer driving behaviour as the source of value and differentiation

Accurate Data Collection & Analysis

Our solution collects and correlates driver behavior data at all times to obtain the granularity of the data necessary to correctly evaluate driving performance and formulate a precise risk profile

Drivers performance & Scoring

We evaluate the driver behavior on relevant variables by considering Distance traveled, Driving time, Idling, Maximum speeds, Abrupt accelerations & braking among many others

Real-Time Smart Contextual data

Focused on improving the information adquired with contextualized data to enhance the understanding of the ways of driving and the behavior of vehicles on the route

More Loyalty and Less Claims

Engage with and retain your customers through a constant interaction and trustworthy information delivery on the driving experience. Digital services as online monitoring & diagnostic, movement detection and even failure predictions will definitely help with retention.

Agnostic Solution to the Device

We deliver great actionable data for your business helping you to chose the best data source to fit your program. To collect reliable data we recommend the use of OBD2 device, nevertheless Phone Only and Beacons are good enough to create a great value proposition.

Jooycar for insurance

Our platform allows Insurance Companies to create new connected insurance policies that generate superior digital experiences, creating value for the final consumer and enhancing the policyholder ́s experience and retention with the company. Some examples of using our platform to create new value differentattion are SeguroxKM (Pay-Per-Mile Insurance) and Autoplay (PHYD) both from Seguros Sura.

  • Better consumer insight
  • Improve engagement
  • Generate more accurate pricing
  • A more predictable risk base
  • Variety of scores and client segmentation

Jooycar for Fleets

Our Jooycar solution is designed to address Fleet Safety and Fuel Efficiency requirements with a comprehensive and approach that is easy to set up. We seek to reduce the cost of operation and the impact of their business on the environment.

  • Latest Technology and Auto-Installable
  • Real-time Vehicle information
  • Greater Control over the fleet & Drivers
  • Risk managment
  • Enhance the operation
  • Improve efficiency to lower costs
  • Lower maintenance costs by Prevention Program

Jooycar for Automotive

We strongly support disruptive innovation for car dealerships and roadside assistance companies in order to revolutionize the way in which they communicate with their customers and allow access to offer services according to the latest technology in the market.
A Real-time vehicle information means:

  • Enhance brand loyalty for vehicles
  • Offer new consumer services
  • Add new and powerful experiences to drivers
  • Leverage vehicle and driving data to create new business models
  • Act proactively to provide support the client in case of failures and breakdowns

“After only three years, they’ve gained a strong reputation as one of the most innovative IoT products in the market”

“Jooycar looks to enhance car-insurance industry”

“Jooycar helps us adding value to our customers than just insurance policies”

The Team

María Paz Gillet

CEO & Co-Founder

Emilio Figueroa

CTO & Co-Founder

Mario Ungemach

Mobile Leader & Co-Founder

Adler Oliveira

Systems Architect

Daniel Fuentealba

UI/UX Product Designer

Rodrigo Benito

Business Manager

Luis Alberto Aninat

Board Director

Nathan Lustig

Board Director